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The Propre Refills
Eco-Consumerism - redefined.

Join the Propre refill program and never run out of your essentials!

Eco-Consciousness, on repeat.

Subscribers can choose to receive their refills every month, 3 months or 6 months. Need a break, cancel up to 3 days before your refills are shipped,


Eco-consumerism, made easy

Savings and more

Subscribed customers save up to 50% per order compared to individual orders, making it the easy solution for sustainable living and continuous eco-consumerism. 

Image by Maria Lupan

Ready to Get Started?

Check the subscribe box at checkout

Image by Rod Long

How to subscribe?

Simply add your favourite products to your cart and fill out the subscription box at checkout

Join the Movement -
Subscriptions available Starting March 2024 

Thanks you, we'll be in touch shortly!

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