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Where it began - The Relation Between Cosmetics and Plastic Waste

Hey you, Vince here, founder of Propre Body Care! Today, I'm pulling back the curtain on the journey that led us here— This isn't just a story; it's a testament to the power of nature, and a beacon for anyone looking to make a more profound connection with the world through sustainable skin and body care rituals. Let's dig into the relation between cosmetics and plastic waste.

The First Step

It all started one day a couple years ago in my neighbourhood pharmacy. Walking through the products aisle, I started realizing how many different brands and labels of body care products were available and I remember thinking to myself ''I have no clue what is what''... On top of that, of the 20+ brands in front of me, each and every single one of them were packaged in plastic bottles and that's where I started to worry. Like everyone living in this world, it's practically impossible to ignore the red flags of climate change and I realized something had to be done with this industry.

The cost of cosmetics and its relation with plastic waste

So I thought to myself, why not start with a body care line of products that promises something more than just profit focussed confusing products.

Crafting a Better Body Care Routine

With that newfound passion, I first started by researching the industry and what I ended up finding was so much more than I initially thought. From plastic waste, to harsh chemical synthetics, I catched up pretty quickly how the every day brands everybody knows have been selling terrible quality products with pretty labels on them... And just like a hot guy with a shit personality, I thought to myself... shocker.

So that's where it started, I began doing extensive product research on the best ingredients for the skin and the planet and after nearly 24 months of research and development, The Wash was born. The first generation of Zero Waste body care.

From Kitchen to Cabinet

Inspired by this journey, my kitchen soon became a lab for organic body care recipes. Mixing, pouring, and experimenting, I found so much satisfaction in creating products that felt personal and alive, products that people would want to add to their body care routine. It was a journey back to the roots, to develop just, natural skin care, where each ingredient told a story, and every concoction was a celebration of nature.

A Call to Arms

Reflecting on this path—from a curious visitor in a body care shop to a passionate advocate for the Eminence of natural beauty—I'm reminded of the power of individual stories in sparking broader change. Whether it's through embracing a natural skin care routine, delving into the world of organic body care recipes, or choosing to support wholesale natural body care, every choice carves a path toward a more sustainable, more conscious way of living.

So, here's to the journey, to the discoveries that await in the simple act of choosing nourishing body care, and to the community we build with every shared recipe, every gifted set, and every whispered tip. Together, let's turn the page to a new chapter in beauty, where the best natural skin care products are not just chosen for their labels but for the stories they tell and the futures they promise. Let's embrace the beauty of nature, one choice, one product, and one story at a time.



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