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Sustainable Body Care - Made Easy.

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organic and natural body care tools and products

At Propre Body Care, we are passionate about producing premium-quality sustainable body care products that are not only better for you, but better for the planet too. Propre was created with the mission to empower consumers to make environmentally sustainable changes without impacting their habits or budgets.  Thanks to The Propre Model, we are taking one giant leap toward eco-conscious consumerism and we are doing so not only for us, but for generations to come.

On a journey to redefine consumerism, one habit at the time.


In today's world, the rampant use of single-use plastics and chemical-laden ingredients in skin and body care products is a major contributor to the escalating climate crisis.


These materials, chosen for their convenience and cost-effectiveness, come at a steep environmental cost. Not only do plastics take centuries to decompose, leading to ocean pollution and overflowing landfills, but the pervasive chemicals also pose a threat to ecosystems and human health.

Consider this: in Canada alone, over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste are tossed out each year. Shockingly, only a paltry 9% is recycled, while the rest ends up in landfills, waste-to-energy plants, or worse, in natural ecosystems.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Greenpeace's research reports show that only 5% of post-consumer plastic waste ends up being recycled.

That's where Propre's Sustainable Body Care steps in to lead a industry revolution.


Change starts with little every day choices- Join the journey and help us change the world! 

One Simple Objective: Eliminate plastic waste.

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